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The Society for Mathematical Psychology promotes the advancement and communication of research in mathematical psychology and related disciplines. Mathematical psychology is broadly defined to include work of a theoretical character that uses mathematical methods, formal logic, or computer simulation. The official journals of the society are Journal of Mathematical Psychology and Computational Brain & Behavior.

AMPC Abstract Submission

A friendly reminder to please submit your abstracts for the upcoming AMPC conference! The deadline was January 8th, but because that has snuck up on us a bit, we are pushing it back till January 15th. 

** If you turn them in later than that we cannot promise that we will be able to fit them into the program. **

  • Instructions for submitting abstracts:
    • Email abstracts to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • Put "AMPC abstract" in the subject line.

  • What:
    • Abstracts should be between 1/2 to 1 page, 2 pages maximum.
    • Plain text or LaTeX preferred (include LaTeX source + PDF), though Word/OpenOffice is okay.
    • Include a co-author list and star the name of the person presenting the talk.
    • List institutional affiliations for all authors (Elizabeth Arkham institute accepted at the discretion of the organising committee).

Thank you to everyone who has submitted one so far.

(PS. On another note, there has been a delay on setting up payment of registration fees. The reason for the delay is a long and darkly amusing tale, involving nefarious bureaucrats and tangles of red tape, but rest assured we WILL claim your money at some point.  The fees will be $100 for non-students and $50 for students for the conference registration, and $100 for the conference dinner. Late fees will be an extra $50, but the late fee date will be modified generously depending on how long it takes us to set it up in the first place.)