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Postdoctoral Position in Cognitive Modeling and Experimental Neuroscience
Monday, 22 December 2014 13:30

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The Model-based Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at The Ohio State University seeks a postdoctoral researcher in cognitive modeling and experimental neuroscience.


The major duty is assisting Dr. Brandon M. Turner (Ohio State University) in fulfilling research objectives such as development of cognitive-neural models of decision making, examining the neural and behavioral basis of confidence in perceptual decision making, development and implementation of algorithms for performing calibration of deep brain stimulation devices, and/or adaptive design optimization of fMRI scan protocols. Duties also include overseeing graduate students, undergraduate RAs, and technical assistants; planning and carrying out experiments; data analysis; model testing; and preparing manuscripts for publication.

Summary of Qualifications

Experience analyzing fMRI data, EEG data, cognitive modeling, Bayesian statistics, and computer programming.

Summary of Duties

This position performs basic research related to dynamic decision making by analyzing behavioral data, fMRI data, and EEG data; designs experiments; programs stimuli/experiments; collects and analyzes data; prepares manuscripts documenting results for publications in book chapters and peer-reviewed journals; prepares conference submissions for dissemination of research results; assists in preparation and submission of grant applications; mentors and assists graduate students in the lab.

Other Information

The start date of the position is negotiable, but would ideally begin June 1, 2015. This is a one-year appointment, but renewal for a second year is contingent on satisfactory performance, acceptable progress in carrying out the assigned duties, and mutual agreement. This is a 100% appointment. Salary ranges from $40,000 - $42,000 per year, depending on qualifications.

To Apply

Please submit your application through the online portal here: The link will ask for a variety of information including two references, a resume, and a cover letter.

The Ohio State University is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, or protected veteran status.