About Us
The purpose of the Women of Math Psych is three-fold:
(1) to promote the involvement of young women in the field of mathematical psychology;
(2) to continue an international mentoring program for junior female psychologists who are already in the field of mathematical psychology so as to assist them in professional development;
(3) to highlight the contributions of women in mathematical psychology in order to inspire other women to pursue a career in the field.


WoMP Organizing Committee
Leslie Blaha
Senior Research Psychologist
Cognitive Science, Models, and Agents Branch
Air Force Research Laboratory
Betsy Fox
ORISE Postdoctoral Researcher
Air Force Research Laboratory
Pernille Hemmer
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Rutgers University
Dóra Erbé-Matzke
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychological Methods and Statistics
University of Amsterdam
Jennifer Trueblood
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Vanderbilt University
Marieke van Vugt
Assistant Professor in the cognitive modeling group
University of Groningen
Advisory Board
Irina Danileiko
Graduate Representative, Graduate student, University of California-Irvine
Adele Diederich
Jacobs University (Bremen)
Chris Donkin
Senior Lecturer & ARC Early Career Fellow, University of New South Wales
Laurie Feldman
Professor of Psychology at University of Albany and Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories
Gordan Logan
Professor of Psychology at Vanderbilt University
James T. Townsend
Rudy Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences at Indiana University
Tisha Van Zandt
Professor of Psychology, Ohio State University
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